Business Gas Price Plans

Find the right price plan to suit your business energy needs. Regardless of your plan you can be assured of first class customer service from a dedicated account manager.

Fixed Price Plan

Stay in control of your energy costs.

Our Fixed Price Plans allow you to manage your business energy costs. Our typical plans are of a 1, 2 or 3 year duration and we won’t change our prices part way through your contract1 so you always know what you’ll be paying for the energy you use.

The prices outlined below are available to microbusinesses with an annual consumption of up to 73,200 kWh and are fixed until 30th September 2018.

East Midlands
North Eastern
North Thames
North Western
South Eastern
South Western
West Midlands
North Wales
South Wales
Micro-business (0 – 73,200 kWh)
Fixed up to 30th September 2018
Standing Charge £/day0.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.350.35
Unit Rate p/kWh3.7203.6943.7743.7823.9693.8593.8083.9583.9323.9483.7903.8623.792

Please contact us to agree your Fixed Price Plan today. If your business doesn’t fit that definition, we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote that suits your business needs. Contact us and see if you could save by switching to Yü Energy.

Freedom Price Plan

Our Freedom Price Plan provides you with flexibility and ensures your supply stays connected.

When your Fixed Price Plan comes to an end, if we haven’t heard from you, you’ll move to our market reflective variable Freedom Price Plan.

We’ll let you know the latest Freedom Price Plan rates in advance of your renewal date. With our Freedom Price Plan your business simply needs to give 30 days written notice and clear any outstanding balance to change supplier or, if the time is right for you, agree a new Fixed Price Plan.

Deemed Price Plan

Our Deemed Price Plan will apply if we supply a site with gas without specific contract details having been agreed. Typically, this applies if your business moves into premises we already supply. These tariffs will continue to apply until a contract is agreed or we stop supplying the site. If you’re supplied on a Deemed Price Plan, contact us to see how much you could save by switching to one of our Fixed Price Plans.

Please see the Gas Pricing PDF on our Online Documents page for details of deemed pricing.

Transition Price Plan

If you choose not to renew your Fixed Price Plan and terminate your contract with us but another supplier does not register your meter point, our Transition Price Plan will apply.

You can contact us at any point and agree a new Plan (either Fixed or Freedom), or should you wish to complete your change of supplier, ensure your account balance is cleared before instructing your new supplier to make the transition process simple.

Please see the Gas Pricing PDF on our Online Documents page for details of our Transition Price Plan.

Payment Default Price Plan

If you default on the agreed payment terms in your contract and we are unable to collect your payment, we will transfer you to our Payment Default Price Plan.

Please see the Gas Pricing PDF on our Online Documents page for details of our Payment Default Price Plan.

1certain circumstances such as a change in law or new charges introduced by the industry may result in additional costs being passed on.