Energy Brokers and Consultants

Building long-term partnerships with Energy Brokers, Consultants and Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs) to help you provide tailored energy solutions for your client.

Energy purchasing partnerships to grow businesses

Some of our most prestigious clients have come through external partnerships, so we understand more than many about their importance. Building strong relationships with our energy partners help power the growth of UK businesses. We supply both gas and electricity - including IGT, NHH and HH pricing options to offer a wide variety of energy solutions. We’ve years of experience working as energy consultants, so we understand what it’s like both as a supplier and energy broker. For more information about what we can offer commercial utility brokers, get in touch with our friendly team.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Our winning combination of supply, service and a transparent range of products is key to energising your customers. And we offer a personal consultant/supplier agreement that protects both you and your client throughout the duration of the contract and contract renewal.

Speed of quote turnaround

Looking for some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry? Then you’re in the right place. Our experienced team has years of industry knowledge from working as energy consultants, and we’re far nimbler than the Big Six in getting you the information you need.

Tailored solutions for you and your client

Competitive pricing means your client will be on the sharpest tariffs, tailored to their business needs. With energy solutions that range from part fixed to fully fixed, customers will have clear, concise contracts with no hidden charges or unexpected levies.

Industry-leading customer care

You and your client are our priority, so our aim is simple: to see that you get a slick, pain-free process working as a third party intermediary with an energy company. As a utility consultant you can be assured that our partnership is based on trust and reliability.

""Yu Energy have created a superb business platform for energy consultants to use. Their pricing structure is very keen in a highly competitive market place, but, what sets Yu Energy above many of its competitors are the staff! Although price is key; what they have successfully achieved is to build a great team of people behind the scenes creating a friendly, fast, fluid, well structured & totally efficient service. This is why we have placed so much business with them. The team have created something which the 'Big 6' can only imagine!"