Energy Brokers

We work with energy brokers nationwide providing an honest and reliable supplier relationship.

Energy Brokers

Are you a consultant looking to work with a supplier that can provide the service you require? Many of our team members have worked for consultants so we understand the frustrations that can sometimes be felt with the T.P.I/supplier relationship.

Consultant/supplier agreement

Our personal consultant/supplier agreement will protect both you and your client throughout the duration of the contract and contract renewal

Solutions for you and your client

We supply both gas and electricity - including IGT, NHH and HH pricing options to offer a wide variety of solutions for you and your client.

Competitive pricing

Our broker team offer a competitive pricing structure with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

"Yu Energy have created a superb business platform for energy consultants to use. Their pricing structure is very keen in a highly competitive market place, but, what sets Yu Energy above many of its competitors are the staff! Although price is key; what they have successfully achieved is to build a great team of people behind the scenes creating a friendly, fast, fluid, well structured & totally efficient service. This is why we have placed so much business with them. The team have created something which the 'Big 6' can only imagine!"