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New connections for developers and businesses

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We install new gas connections and new electricity supplies across a wide range of sectors by providing all types of commercial gas meters from a U6 to U160, bespoke gas metering, non half-hourly and half-hourly electricity meters; all the way through to helping businesses who need our expertise with major infrastructure projects.

Our end-to-end meter installation to energy supply package ensures efficient, safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for all industry sectors. With our specialist team you’ll get competitive pricing, dedicated day-to-day operational support and installation of a full range of meters. We also offer short lead times on meter fits, can be on site to answer any questions and take you through the whole process hassle-free. Get connected to a supply of electricity or gas quickly and efficiently with a service tailored to fit your needs.

Connecting to your energy supply

You need a reliable, trusted and expert supplier to ensure your new meter installation is cost-effective, runs smoothly and can be fitted in around your on-site requirements. We'll take care of the meter fitting process across all standard meters through to larger bespoke meters.

What we do:

  • New gas and electricity meters
  • New meter and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) installation
  • Relocation of existing meters
  • Temporary builders supply (TBS)
  • Flexible bespoke contracts
  • Commercial meters in domestic sites such as landlord supplies, feeder pillars and pumping stations

Meters we install:

  • NHH Meter upto 72kVA - Whole Current - 1 and 3 phase (Cop10)
  • HH Meter over 72kVA Current Transformer (CT) (Cop5/Cop3)
  • LV HH Meter
  • HV HH Meter
  • LV Sub HH Meter
  • U6 - U160 LP
  • U6 - U160 MP
  • Gas Rotary

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Our winning combination of supply, service and a transparent range of products is key to energising your customers. And we offer a personal consultant/supplier agreement that protects both you and your client throughout the duration of the contract and contract renewal.

relationship manager

Dedicated Account Management

You’ll have a dependable team member on hand 7 days a week to take you from your initial planning right through to having your new meter installed. That means reliable support for you and your project when you need it the most, from someone with stacks of experience in working across a number of different industries.


Competitive pricing

Our prices are not only competitive, but they’re flexible to accommodate your particular development - because we get that no two projects are alike. And we also understand that your build plan might change, or schedules become affected.

Electricity and gas meter installations to independent supply networks

Is your commercial development on an independent network? As with a standard network, we can arrange a commercial supply contract to ensure a smooth registration, meter installation and billing process for your development.

Business Gas

Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs)

Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) develop, operate and maintain local gas transportation networks

Business Electricity

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs)

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) develop, operate and maintain local electricity distribution networks.

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