Switching suppliers can be a very stressful time and at Yü Energy we aim to make this transition very easy by following 3 easy steps:

Paperless at Yü

At Yü Energy we aim to reduce waste and help the environment by reducing paper delivery. The benefits are for both Yü and Yü Energy.

The Benefits

  • Ensure your notifications and bills are delivered securely and on time
  • Offering an alternative to storage of paper
  • Reducing internal costs
  • Security of backup of all documents
  • Real time updates and delivery of documents
  • Providing a faster response to customers

You will only receive a welcome letter to Yü along with your unique YüSB electronic pen drive. This YüSB provides all necessary documents containing important information about your supply contract and all documents are in a PDF format. Yü are live letter and your monthly payment notifications, monthly bills and all other correspondence will be electronically distributed to the email address provided by you. See T&C’s for charges on postage.

Business Energy Saving Tips

At Yü Energy it’s all about Yü and we can offer hints and tips on how you can be more energy efficient:

Heating – ensure all your staff close doors and windows when heating or air conditioning is on. Adjusting your heating in winter and summer by one degree can cut your heating bills by up to 6%. Make sure your premises are well insulated and all doors and windows have draught excluders fitted.

Lighting – install daylight and movement sensors to turn lights on and off. Clean all windows and skylights to allow natural sunlight.

Office equipment – ensure all office equipment is switched off overnight. You could install time switchers for various equipment like water coolers, photocopiers; printers etc so that they are turned off at night and weekends.

Maintain your equipment – Ensure all your equipment is all in good working condition.