Switching to Yü:

Switching suppliers can be a very stressful time and at Yü Energy we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible, by following 3 easy steps:

1. Once you’ve received your quote from our sales team and agreed a contract, you will be sent a confirmation email. You must ensure all bills are paid and up to date with your existing supplier, otherwise they may object to the transfer.

2. You will then need to inform your current supplier that you are transferring your supply or if you like, we can do this for you. Please complete the Letter of Authority and email this to customercare@yuenergy.co.uk. A meter reading is then taken on, or very close, to the date of the transfer.

3. Your energy supply will be switched over on transfer day and your contract with Yü will commence! When your supply has switched to Yü Energy, we will notify you by email. We’ll send you a Welcome Pack via email shortly after, full of useful information to help you along the way.


Moving Premises:

Moving out:

Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you’re moving out of your premises. You will need to send us a completed Change of Tenancy form; you can download this from our website here.

You can email your Change of Tenancy form to customercare@yuenergy.co.uk.

If we need any further information from you, we’ll be in touch.

Moving in:

If you’ve recently moved in to a property that we supply, give us a ring on 0115 975 8258 and one of our team members will be happy to help!

Closing your account at your contract end date:

Following the simple steps below will ensure that closing your account(s), is as straight forward as possible.

Please ensure you have:

Please note – if we owe you credit, this can take up to 7 working days once processed.